#meetoo movement | Vinod Dua | Nishtha Jain | Sexual Harasser

#metoo movement | Vinod Dua | Nishtha Jain | Sexual Harasser
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#metoo movement | Vinod Dua | Nishtha Jain | Sexual Harasser

The #metoo movement storm is now hitting the media personality hard. A filmmaker named Nishtha Jain has accused of sexual harassment to Vinod Dua. Vinod Dua is the veteran journalist who is known as the defining face of the state-run news channel Doordarshan. The woman posted an article on her social media platform and explained. Nishtha Jain told that Vinod Dua had sexually harassed her in June 1989.

#metoo movement | Vinod Dua | Nishtha Jain | Sexual Harasser

From Nishtha Jain Facebook Post

The woman explained the incident in her post. Nishtha Jain told when she completed her graduation from Jamia Mass communication Centre, she got a chance for an interview with a famous TV personality. This man was none other than Vinod Dua.

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When Nishtha Jain entered Vinod’s office, he made a vulgar sexual joke in a soft voice, which felt degrading and not funny. At the end of the interview, when they began discussing her salary, she quoted an amount which was paid to the most graduates at that time, Rs5000, listening to this salary, Vinod Dua replied, “Tumhari aukat kya hai?”. After that, she left and find a job at channel Newstrack.

She Added Further

Nishtha Jain further mentioned in her Facebook post that she had faced sexual harassment onwards. She mentioned “Soon after, I got a job as a video editor in Newstrack. I don’t know how this man learnt about it. He had friends in my office who would inform him when I would be working late. One night as I came down to the parking, he was there. He said he wanted to talk to me and asked me to enter his car.”

#meetoo movement | Vinod Dua | Nishtha Jain | Sexual Harasser

She thought he wanted to apologise for his behaviour which he had done in past. But when she entered into the car, he started slobbering all over her face. She got out of the car and ran towards office car and left. She told that she spotted him in the parking lot again but later he stopped it.

Nishtha Jain further said in her post on Vinod’s stand on #metoo movement and blamed him as having a hypocritical attitude against Actor Akshay Kumar‘s sexist word for Malika Dua. Earlier this, Akshay Kumar has used  “sexist” word for the daughter of Vinod Dua.

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